Takin care of business

So business is booming for Swan’s Scrap, LLC. Ever since Grammy’s post about the stolen scrap, pick-ups have been pouring in. This weekend, they did six pick-ups, one yesterday, and one is already scheduled for next Monday. He has even expanded from strictly scrap metal to general junk, which is why my yard looks like hodge podge yard sale, but I’m not going to complain about it because you should see Grammy’s yard. Her house is headquarters. They had to move all cars out of their garage so they could keep the inventory secured in a locked facility. I told her she might need to request a zoning variance if she’s going to continue running a salvage yard out of her home.


Most of his treasures will be cashed in for scrap but a few things were too nice to scrap – a working stove and dryer, a couple of ladders, and a hard-shell assault rifle case which he intends to use to hold his money.

The business is a three-man show. Grammy is dispatch. She’s constantly on her phone, messaging clients, coordinating pick-ups, and sending the crew out. Granddad is the driver and the muscle, and Boy One is the boss man, but not the kind that’s afraid to get his hands dirty.


So anyway, like I said, it was a record-breaking weekend for the business, but it wasn’t without complications.

Dispatch filed a complaint with the boss against the driver because he got a little rude with her when he couldn’t follow her directions to a certain pick-up. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much the boss could do since he can’t find another driver to work for such low wages.

There was one run-in with the law when the boss couldn’t make it home from a run and had to stop along the way to pee in the woods. Luckily, the officer was just checking to make sure everything was ok, not trying to arrest an 8-year-old for indecent exposure.

Aside from those small issues though, he’s very professional. He shakes every client’s hand and thanks them for helping him out. We’ve gotten so many compliments, and many people have invited him back. One even gave him a magnet tool.

Next week at this time, my boy will be inside sitting at a desk, bored to tears, wishing he was out gathering scrap. School is one of the most important things, and he does well at it, but it kind of makes me sad for him. This boy is built for manual labor.

I’m sure, however, that his crew is looking forward to a little break. So thankful that my mom and dad took the time to do this with him this summer, even though they have jobs and tons of responsibilities too. I think it turned out to a bigger job than they expected, but I believe he will remember this summer forever.


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